Are you feeling stressed?


overwhelmed?                  anxious?                  depressed?


suffering from phobia?      panicking?              traumatised 


angry?                             irritable?                 stuck? 



We work with you to turn your life around.


We cut to the chase of understanding what’s causing you stress, assessing your needs and strengths.

We use effective methods to equip you with the skills to take control of

your life. 


Results matter to us, so we measure progress every step of the way.


We’re focused and cost effective. 


We work briefly. Most clients have 4 sessions or less.

Call NOW   

 Phone: (+44) 0 1407 810309 




How to try us:


Arrange a FREE 15 minute

session by telephone or skype to

explore how we may help you


We offer appointments by skpe and telephone as well as face to face

      Why work with us?

  • A free 15 minute call by skype or telephone to discuss your needs
  • Treatment to take as few sessions as possible
  • To measure your progress every step of the way
  • To learn new skills that you can apply immediately to manage your stress

  How long does it take?


Sometimes 1 or 2 sessions are all that's needed

Typically, good results are achieved in 4 sessions or less

We aim for 6 sessions as an initial upper limit

In the absence of clear signs of improvement we will explore alternatives



 How much does it cost?


Our charges are calculated by an hourly rate.

GPP £75.00 per hour

International Payment can be made by Google Check-out or Paypal.

In addition, UK payment can be by electronic bank transfer, cheque or cash.